4 Factors to check in Garden Benches before buying

January 12, 2024

The greatest place to celebrate is in your own garden. This gives you a certain place to escape from the daily hustle and a comfortable spot to sit back and relax so that you can move away from all the outside noises and concentrate on your inner self. To make this a unique and unforgettable memory there are various things which we need to take care about so that you feel you spend more time in your home spaces comfortably and much more effectively. There are many benefits other than the above said advantage which include open space to read books, enjoying the serene beauty, and so on. 

So while selecting garden benches for such unique places you need to look into various factors, let us discuss it one by one and its importance in selecting the benches for gardens.

1. Function & Purpose of Outdoor Benches

Garden benches are crucial & adaptable changes to your home spaces to make it your dream place for your stay. Its main functions are to offer serene space for relaxation, spending a "me time", peaceful reading atmosphere, enjoying nature's beauty and so on. They also provide a space for best social interactions, for spanding amazing time with family & friends. Moreover it plays an important role in enhancing the overall outdoor experience which would contribute to visual impression and attraction spot for the guests coming to your home. Garden benches serve as essential furniture for homes featuring lawns, combining outdoor enjoyment with usability of benches.

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Functions of Outdoor Benches

There are many functions which would define the outdoor benches. Let’s see some of them

  1. Relaxation: Garden benches provide a peaceful place for people to sit and relax in the peaceful atmosphere of their lawns. They offer a comfortable spot for unwinding, reading, or enjoying the natural surroundings.
  2. Social Gathering: Garden benches become inviting spaces for social interactions. Friends and family can gather around, making them perfect spaces for conversations, picnics or enjoying outdoor meals together.
  3. Aesthetic Enhancement: These benches serve as decorative elements in outdoor spaces. They enhance the overall visual appeal of lawns, contributing to a more attractive and charming environment.
  4. Practical Seating: Garden benches offer practical seating solutions for outdoor events and gatherings. They are versatile and functional, providing extra seating when needed.

Gardener’s Rest: For those with green thumbs, outdoor benches offer a comfortable resting place during gardening activities. They provide gardeners with a spot to take a break and admire their handiwork.

Purpose of Outdoor Benches

There are many purposes which would define an outdoor bench. Let’s see some of them

  1. Reflection & Meditation: Outdoor benches offer a quiet space for reflection and meditation. They create a serene atmosphere for individuals to find inner peace, meditate, or simply clear their minds amidst the natural surroundings.
  2. Observation Point: Outdoor benches can be strategically placed to provide an ideal vantage point for observing birds, wildlife, or the changing seasons in your lawn. They facilitate a closer connection to the natural world.
  3. Support for Outdoor Activities: Outdoor benches serve as practical support for various outdoor activities, from birdwatching and sketching to reading and photography. They offer a comfortable and stable platform for these hobbies.
  4. Children’s Play: Outdoor  benches can become versatile elements in children's play. They transform into stages for imaginative play, picnic tables for kids, or even part of a treasure hunt as a fun element in the lawn.

Decorative Landmarks: Outdoor benches can also act as decorative landmarks in the lawn, defining specific areas or pathways. They enhance the general layout of the lawn and provide the outdoor area a feeling of unique identity.

2. Comfort & Quality

In our dream homes, the garden bench plays a vital role in providing the comfort & quality in the outdoor spaces. These amazing furniture not only provides a unique touch to your whole home ambience but also provides an amazing place to enjoy nature's never ending beauty. While choosing a park bench we need to remember that it not only provides the comfort to you in your plot, but also adds an additional look & feel to your dream homes.

Comfort is the most important factor while selecting the best garden benches. The reason being that the time you would be spending on the plot should be the most memorable thing in your day so that you could enjoy the day. So for that while spending your precious time here you must be most comfortably seated. Materials like wood, metal and various others can also affect the comfort factor for the benches. Other factors like colors, size and height would effect the comfortness for your seatings. A bench which would have depth in it would be perfectly suited for long and comfortable seating rather than a small bench which would be suited for quick resting.

Along with comfort the quality of the material would also effect the durability of park benches. The best quality of the material would be one which could withstand all outside atmosphere and temperature variations i.e. rain, sun, fluctuating temperature, climate variations. Considering these factors the most suited materials for outside benches would be teak, cedar & metal since they are naturally resistant to all weather conditions. Looking for the best quality of materials would require less maintenance and thus the durability of the materials would be increased to a much higher level.

We in Urban Land Products take care of all these factors and provide you the best possible benches in the market at affordable rates. There would be no compromise in the quality of the materials or the comfortness level which you could get while sitting in your plots. This is the most primary assurance which we can give you from our end. The benches we provide would create a welcoming atmosphere in your backyard whenever any guests arrive. It also would provide a unique way to connect with nature and save the joy of outdoor living conditions.

3. Color & Type of material

Other important factors which we need to check before purchasing the garden benches would include color & type of materials. If the color of the material would not suit your aesthetics then you would not feel like spending your valuable time in the plots and vice versa. Similarly type of the material would help in the durability of the material making them low-maintenance cost and resistant to all weather conditions. Let's have a sneak peek into the factors that could affect the color and type of materials before making a decision to buy the bench.

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Factors affecting color of the material

The color of the material would effect the conditions in various ways. Let’s discuss some of the important factors affecting color of material

  1. Aesthetic Harmony: The color of the material for garden benches should harmonize with the overall aesthetic of your outdoor space. Consider the existing color palette, surrounding foliage, and the architectural elements to ensure a cohesive and visually pleasing environment.
  2. Climate Considerations: Climate plays a crucial role in color selection. Lighter colors tend to reflect sunlight, preventing excessive heat absorption, making them suitable for warmer climates. In contrast, darker colors may absorb more heat, making them cozier in cooler climates.
  3. Fading Resistance: Choose materials and colors that resist fading over time, especially if your park bench will be exposed to direct sunlight. UV-resistant finishes or materials with inherent color stability can help maintain the bench's vibrant appearance.
  4. Maintenance Levels: Consider the level of maintenance you're willing to undertake. Lighter colors may show less dirt and wear, while darker colors can hide stains better. Additionally, some materials require more upkeep than others to preserve their original color.

Trends and Timelessness: Consider whether you want your garden bench to follow current design trends or maintain a timeless appeal. Neutral colors and natural wood tones often endure changing trends, ensuring your outdoor furniture remains stylish for years.

Factors affecting type of the material

The type of the material would effect the durability in various ways. Let’s discuss some of the important factors affecting type of material

  1. Climate Resilience: The local climate significantly influences the choice of material for garden benches. Consider weather-resistant materials like teak or metal for areas with frequent rain, while UV-resistant options are ideal for sunny climates.
  2. Durability: Evaluate the durability of materials in relation to the intended use. Hardwoods like teak and cedar are known for their resilience, making them suitable for long-lasting outdoor furniture, while metals such as aluminum or wrought iron offer durability with minimal maintenance.
  3. Maintenance Requirements: Different materials have varying maintenance needs. Wood may require periodic sealing or staining, while metal benches may need anti-rust treatments. Opt for a material that aligns with your willingness and capacity for maintenance.
  4. Weight and Mobility: Consider the weight of the material concerning the bench's mobility. While heavier materials like cast iron may provide stability, lighter options such as aluminum or resin offer easier relocation for those who like to rearrange their outdoor space.

Budget Constraints: Your budget plays a crucial role in material selection. While hardwoods can be more expensive, they often justify the cost with their durability. Metal and resin options provide more budget-friendly alternatives without compromising on quality.

4. Check for Durability

In the realm of outdoor furniture, ensuring the longevity of your garden bench is paramount. Choose a garden bench that stands the test of time with durability in mind. Opt for hardwoods, such as teak and cedar, known for natural resistance to decay and insects. Consider your climate and select materials resilient to UV rays and moisture. A durable bench ensures lasting elegance in your outdoor sanctuary.


Choosing a garden bench revolves around durability. Focus on weather-resistant materials; teak and cedar, for example, naturally resist decay and insects, ensuring longevity in outdoor settings. Opting for these stalwart choices ensures your bench withstands changing weather conditions with enduring grace.


Evaluate your garden bench's environment—be it under scorching sun or frequent rainfall. Prioritize materials resilient to UV rays and moisture for lasting durability. Select the best options that fight climatic changes, making sure that the garden benches withstand everything and remain as an asset for you till years.

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Imagine your garden is like a magical place where you can relax and have fun. To make it even more special, we need to choose the perfect bench. A bench is like a comfy chair for your garden!

First, we want a bench that lasts a long, long time. We can pick strong materials like teak and cedar. They're like superhero materials that can handle rain, sun, and everything else!

Next, we want our bench to be super cozy. Imagine it like a big, soft hug when you sit on it. We can choose a bench with the right size and colors we like. Light colors are cool when it's sunny, and dark colors are cozy when it's not.

Our bench can do many fun things too! It provides a unique place to read books, or spend some alone time, or family time, and showcase it to guests as special spots for get-together. We want it to be our best friend in the garden.

And guess what? Our friends at Urban Land Products make sure our benches are the best. They make sure it's super comfy and stays strong for a really, really long time. So, when our friends come over, we can show them our awesome bench and have the best time ever in our magical garden! What a splendid idea to cherish with, right?